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Flat Fee Collections Save You Money

Flat Fee Collections

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Attorney Collections

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  Flat Fee Collections at Pan Am Collections

You don’t hear much about flat-fee collections from most of the major collection agencies.  Why?  Flat Fee collections are not very profitable for collection agencies.  At $13.99/account, we collect 35% of collection accounts submitted.  That number may not seem that impressive initially, but if you can collect that percentage on flat fee accounts it certainly reduces your collection costs.

Flat fee collections work best with accounts that are less than 9 months old.  We stress the importance of staying current on your account receivables.  There is a near linear relationship between the length of time an account ages and the likelihood of  of that account getting collected.

Flat fee collections are Stage 1 of the collection process at Pan Am Collections.  We recommend this initial step for accounts less than 9 months in arrears.  For more stubborn customers we have all the traditional collection agency tools and some innovative strategies of collection.

I suppose the most important thing to remember is that fee based collections work and can significantly reduce the cost of debt collection.

Interested in Flat Fee Collections?

Our program is superior because we diligently work our clients  through each stage of the collection process.    Give us a call at 855-256-3705 or sign up here.